Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Urban Sketchers Singapore

Hellooooooooooooooooo art blog!!!^^ thought of updating since it's JC IP activity week and I have no homework. Didn't update the whole of the holidays so it's about time!! :)

Check it out!!!!!!!!

Singapore has some really cool artists omg!!!!!!!!! gonna make sure I do some sketches when I'm bored in between home visiting this cny :)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Marc Johns

HI!!! Eoys are coming soon and the work above pretty much describes me these few days..... -_-

Anyway, this is the first post I'm doing up since the deadline of this e-portfolio (for grading). I'm definitely not gonna stop drawing/ painting etc after aep draws to a close!!!!!! 
never ever ever ever ever

So here I am! Introducing....... MARC JOHNS (click the link at the caption!)
I first found this artist on tumblr, where his signature post-it drawings were being reblogged by so many people. so I got bored today (while studying for sova hahahhah) and decided to search him up.

Here's what he has to say about his post-it drawings, which I find quite cool:
I like the format; it forces the drawing to be simple, and the concept to be focussed. It's not so much about the craft of drawing, but more about the idea, boiled down to just the essentials.

And by "essentials", he really means it!!!! view here:

I like his quirky style alot and although many might not regard his post-it notes as real works with much substance, I really enjoy the simplicity of them!!!! I like how he's so unconventional and creative and most importantly, unafraid of what he tries to bring across (even if it seems totally brainless and to put it bluntly, retarded) Actually, most of his post-it drawings appear to be really random and pointless....... like this (which btw is considered rather complicated for his post-it series):


But I like marc johns :) yayyyyy

Monday, September 26, 2011


Rolling through the Bay (2011)
Scott Weaver


""Tilt-shift photography" refers to the use of camera movements on small- and medium-format cameras, and sometimes specifically refers to the use of tilt forselective focus, often for simulating a miniature scene." - wiki

This is just cool!!!!! It's a short film made my Pedro Sousa and Daniel Espirito Santo, using the tilt-shift method. I thought it'll be nice to share this! I love how the scenes captured end up looking like the scenes in the bob the builder show I grew up watching. Watch it and you'll understand what I mean! I like the part where the guy is walking on the roof hahah oh man so cute. And I like how the music chosen really complements the jovial mood of the video too hahah I felt so happy when I was watching it, and so so so much calmer after a mundane 2 hours of bio revision. 

Videography is something I'm really interested in too but I've only ever made montages and once, a news broadcast thing for my LA SIA in sec 2. Hopefully one day I'll make a cool vid like this too!!!

Anyway I stumbled upon this video when I was checking out http://www.craftycrafty.tv/ <<< do check it out!


Red platter (2009)
polymer clay

Miniature food art!!!!! 
I did this really long ago, if I'm not wrong it was in sec 2. I had stumbled upon this blogshop of a girl in malaysia who sold handmade jewelry that was made with polymer clay! After stalking her blogshop for a really long time, my fingers were really itchy to just create some of my own, so after bugging my mum for a veryyyy long time, I FINALLY GOT MY OWN SET OF POLYMER CLAY (from spotlight). The initial excitement set in and my first mini masterpiece was created!!!

The red platter serves a strawberry cupcake with a cherry on top, chocolate chip cookie which is obviously too humongous (or maybe it's the subway cookie kind hahahah), a pretzel, and a donut with white cream and... yellow puffs of... lime... cream on top? Yes hahahahah that's what my sec 2 brain came up with. It was quite a long time a ago and what I can rmbr is that it was a rather tedious process to have to roll the 'choc bits' into such tiny balls and stick them on. but honestly, fun is the word to describe this.

I'm actually quite sad that I didn't think of doing something like this for coursework, although that would've been something like xueying's coursework. WHICH REMINDS ME, I thought of doing this post cos I saw xueying's post the other day! I srsly don't know how kim burke or any other polymer clay artist makes their product look so real. JUST LOOK AT THIS:

image from google

I tried to reason out and research on why mine just looked like a kiddy plate of coloured clay instead of realistic mini food, and realised what impt factor was that I didn't have the necessary tools and COLOURS. Yes the pack of polymer clay that I bought had only 4 colours, red yellow orange white beige brown! And of course, I need more practice and time to experiment how to create textures :)
Anyway, the pack has been resting in my shelf for quite some time. I'm definitely gonna spend some time after eoys to create a whole 8-course meal okk!!!!! *excited*

Dare to Dream

Coursework 2011:
Dare to Dream
by Chermaine Wong

Medium: colour pencil
Size: 4x A3 size

[The final work consists of printed versions that have been scanned, slightly editted in photoshop for colour enhancement and background-whitening. They have yet to be printed and put up, but they will eventually backed with foam boards.]


Learn more about my coursework here!

Coursework prep boards

Coursework 2011
Dare to Dream

Preparatory Boards x8